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Carlsteins AB,  Seglorav. 22, Box 22164, 504 12 Borås, Sweden
Webb: www.carlsteins.se E-mail: info@carlsteins.se

What we do

Carlsteins wholesale clothing company offers fast deliveries, often within two days. We distribute babywear, childrenswear, womens and menswear in most categories such as socks, underwear, sweaters, shirts, sportswear and outerwear.



In the 1930´s Mats Carlstein established a small company named Forsabolaget. Back then
it was a mail order business focusing on clothes and toys. Mats turned his hen house into a
stockroom where he kept the goods.

In a couple of years the company grew bigger and made its first move to Brodal in Borås. In the 1960´s when the company turned into a wholesale business a new warehouse was built in Tosseryd, Borås. It was situated next to Mats' own house were he and his family lived.

In the beginning of the 1960´s Mats' son Christer took over the business and changed the company´s name from Forsabolaget to Carlsteins AB.

In the end of the 1990´s the company was beginning to outgrow it´s facilities in Tosseryd and since there was no room for expansion there, a much bigger warehouse and office was built in 2007 in Viared, Borås.

Since 2006, Fredrik, Christer´s son, is the executive of Carlsteins AB


Our vision
Our goal is to always offer our customers a wide range of clothing and since we keep almost all of our articles in stock we´re able to make fast deliveries. As our customer you are not obliged to buy large quantities, Carlsteins has already done that for you in order to keep prices down